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Posted By John Tyler Christopher / April 21, 2015 / 0 Comments

shipping-containersHola, Everybody!!!

First off, a huge THANK YOU!!! for the amazing response to Boba Fett!

In our wildest dreams, my wife and I were really hoping we would sell a couple thousand copies before C2E2. Needless to say we greatly underestimated the passion everyone has for the galaxies greatest bounty hunter!

Everyone has been so kind and generous; and we can’t say how much it means to us.

We are working all hours of the day (literally) to process the orders and get them out to everybody! There have been some hiccups, and again, thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding. This entire operation is truly Mom and Pop with every order being processed and shipped by the two of us on top of our regular jobs. We have been receiving around 200 emails a day, and are doing our best to respond to each in a timely fashion.

We will begin sending out the orders on the 22nd, and ask that you continue to be patient as we bust through all the insanity!

Thank you again!!!
John Christopher

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