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Star Wars #7 Boba Fett Black and White Action Figure Variant Cover

Posted By John Tyler Christopher / July 17, 2015 / 1 Comment

Star Wars #7 Boba Fett Black and White Action Figure Variant Cover
Pre-Sale begins 12:00AM Friday July 24th in my store

Due to the incredible response, we are doing our best to insure that each and every one of you has the opportunity to get your hands on a copy by lowering the maximum order quantity to 10 (per checkout until sold out). So, get ready!

Hola party people! First things first, THANK YOU! Thank you for all the support, kindness and understanding with the original Boba Fett action figure cover. Thank you for turning something we literally bet the farm on into such an amazing blessing! To say it was a whirlwind of awesome insanity is a MASSIVE understatement. Everyone was beyond cool, and both Jen and I are so grateful for how supportive you all were!

After the success of Boba, I’ve felt very torn. There were a lot of people who wanted copies, but didn’t get a chance to pick one up. I considered asking if I could do another round, but then I felt that it would be unfair to the people who did get them and generating more would hurt their investment. A lot of people took a chance on the first book, and I’m so grateful for their support. So feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, I tried to figure out something that would work for everyone.

So, I’m excited to announce the pre-sale of an exclusive action figure cover for Star Wars #7, again featuring the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunter Boba Fett. This time around, the Fett-man has stepped out of a noir film and is appearing black and white. The figure is greyscale, and the box art has my original pencil and inks.

We wanted to announce the pre-order this time around, so no one got stuck hearing about it after the fact! The pre-sale will go live at midnight (12:00AM EST) Thursday night/Friday morning July 24th.

Since everyone was so cool last time (and since we follow ebay), we decided to keep these at $20 for the entire pre-sale. This being more of a specialty book, instead of an all new figure, we thought it would be best to keep the quantity limited to make this more of a premium cover. So, there will be only 3,000 copies.

We learned A LOT from our first foray into selling books, so we are changing a few things up. Hopefully, this will make everyone’s experience much smoother and avoid some of the growing pains we experienced last time. I’m sure there will still be some bumps, but hopefully not as many. If you notice anything not working, please let us know and we’ll continue to try to do our best.

-As mentioned before, we felt terrible about people not being able to get the book because we were sold out before they’d even heard about it. So this time, we’re announcing the pre-order ahead of time.

-Everyone was SO GRACIOUS last time, and we can’t thank you enough for being patient while we learned the hard way how long it takes to get the books ready to ship! This time around, we’re giving ourselves a more realistic time frame to package and ship the books. Last time we gave ourselves a weekend to process and ship all the orders, which we felt awful about not being able to meet as hard as we humanly tried.

The books should arrive to us on July 29th. This time, we’re asking everyone to give us about 2 weeks to bag and board them and then ship them out accordingly. This gives us an EXPECTED ship date beginning around August 14th. It might be sooner, it might be a little later. It’s still just my wife and I doing most of this, with friends and family helping out, but hopefully this will allow Jen to sleep more than 3 nights a week.

-International and bulk orders can be processed through the site. This means we don’t have to coordinate with Jen on shipping and all that insanity! Just make sure you select the area where you live, and it should work like a charm!

-For each order we bumped the maximum book quantity from 10 to 25 on the site, as well as tweaked the shipping and handling to offer you more shipping options. Now you can choose the best way you’d like Boba sent your way.

-This time around we are not offering grading on the books through the site. Mike Alexandropoulos ( has offered to coordinate grading with people. I’ve felt terrible about how long the grading process takes. I GROSSLY underestimated the time and number of books it took to insure people get good grades. So, until we can work out a better system, we felt it was best to not offer it. Like last time, I’m happy to sign books for free!

Again, thank you to everyone for everything! You all rock!

Thanks a Million!
John Tyler Christopher

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