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Two New Limited Edition Books in One Week! Are. You. Serious?!

Posted By John Tyler Christopher / March 7, 2016 / 1 Comment


So, 2015 was one heck of an insane year! It was incredible, to be frank. After a ton of covers and design work for some “legendary” toy lines, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for allowing this farm boy to continue doing what he loves! To say I’m grateful is a massive understatement. It really is because of your support that I am able to continue my life’s work and I hope you have enjoyed the ride along with me. So, here goes!2016 has flown in like a lion riding a rocket powered tank, and I feel blessed for how it’s shaping up. I’ve got some irons in the fire that I am really excited about, things are moving at break-neck speed and I’d like to share a couple of the green-lit projects with you right now.

I have had the opportunity to sell other books since Boba Fett, but none of them felt quite right. My goal for these projects has always been to sell something in which I truly believe; which makes me proud to share with you. I’m very happy with the two books I’ve sold before and how they have been a win-win for everybody who was able to get one. We have gone out of our way to be fair with you in the manner in which the books have been released and respect your hard-earned dollar. This is the only way we care to operate: with the win-win mentality.

With that said, I wanted to announce that I will be releasing 2 new books THIS WEEK! We learned a lot from both our previous books, and we hope we can apply some of that knowledge in making these next 2 a smoother process for everybody. Your feedback has been taken to heart. We heard the things you asked for and the way you want the process to work.

Now, on to the books themselves:

I have long been a fan of Coles Phillips and his negative space style of art, and my ode to him is evident in the negative space pieces I’ve designed previously both publicly and privately. If you’re not familiar with him, you should check him out! I’ve been wanting to continue my series of negative space MARVEL art and the ability to move these onto covers seemed like a perfect match. There are already more in the works for different characters and books, but I was challenged right out the gate with pretty much the most difficult character for this style (THANK YOU, new vibranium charged suit, for making this possible).

The first book to be released is Black Panther #1!
Everyone who has bought from me in the past will be eligible for 1 copy during the Pre-Pre Sale (like we did last time), which will start on Tuesday, March 8th at 12:00 noon EST. This is similar to what we did with the pre-pre sale of Boba Fett black and white. The actual Pre-Sale of the book will open to the public on Tuesday, March 8th at 6pm EST. It’s going to be limited in quantity, and will be sold for $10 – limit 20 per order. If you haven’t bought from me in the past and you pick one up before 6:00am on Wednesday, March 9th, you will receive an email later that day that makes you eligible to get in on the Pre-Pre Sale of our next book…That’s right!

POE DAMERON #1 black & white action figure variant!
Our new favorite X-Wing Pilot will be appearing in a limited edition noir style cover. For everyone who has bought from me in the past, you will also be eligible for 1 copy during the Pre-Pre Sale, which begins on Friday, March 11th at 12:00pm noon EST. The Pre-Sale of the book will be open to the public later the same day, Friday, March 11th at 6:00pm EST.

Due to the demand for Poe, all sales for both books are final. I hope you guys understand, and as always we appreciate everything!

Both books will be arriving at our house on Wednesday, April 6, 2016; the same day of the actual release of both books. From there, the Amazing Jen™ will start to process everything and get them out the door! We will be able to combine orders, but like the last time we ask for your patience as we organize everything. We are still literally a mom-and-pop operation, but changes are in the works to make things operate smoother on future sales. Please see our FAQ page on any shipping questions you may have.

The other exciting thing I’ve been working on is a way to give back to those less fortunate. I set aside some money from the first 2 books, and I’ll be setting aside a percentage of the profits from these books that will go toward buying toys for underprivileged kids and children in hospitals. One thing I’ve learned from working on these action figure covers is what an impact these toys have had not only on our childhood, but how they helped mold us into the people we are today. I have been told so many awesome stories about how certain figures had a lasting impact on people, and I feel it’s my duty to try and share that experience with others. I have something worked out so that we can literally pick and choose the figures we are going to be able to donate. Sorry, no lame characters in this lot! Setting this up has been a ton of fun and a lot of work but it will be well worth it! Things are still being finalized, so I can’t reveal too many specifics other than the people I have spoken to have been beyond wonderful!

So, all in all, here’s a quick breakdown of the two books

Black Panther #1
JTC | negative space variant edition
order limit: 20
pre-pre sale: 12:00PM NOON EST, Tuesday March 8, 2016
pre-sale: 6:00PM EST, Tuesday March 8, 2016
(order before 6:00am EST on Wednesday, March 9th, to be eligible for the Poe Dameron #1 b&w pre-pre sale)

Poe Dameron #1
JTC | b&w action figure variant edition
order limit: 10
pre-pre sale: 12:00PM NOON EST, Friday March 11, 2016
pre-sale: 6:00PM EST, Friday March 11, 2016

And again, just as a reminder, all sales are final.

Thanks a Million!!!

Stay tuned for your opportunity to get yours soon!

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