Limited Edition: Exclusive Rancor, Star Wars Action Figure Cover

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Limited Edition Pre-Order

Starts Thursday, November 7th

at 6pm EST!


What a Monstrous Year…


2019 has been one heck of a year! I want to let everyone know how much your love and support has meant to me. There have been a lot of wonderful highs and difficult lows. I haven’t been able to truly let everyone know how much they mean to me, but know that all of the shout outs and kind words have not gone unnoticed. You have no idea how much these messages mean to me at 4 am, and how much they motivate me to keep going. You are the best, and you all continue to inspire me to try and be my best. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


As some of you may have noticed, our schedule got a little wacky this year. Between some issues with the previous books, my schedule had gotten so insane that I wasn’t able to get an exclusive out in the time we usually do. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while, but out of respect to all the wonderful people at MARVEL, it seems selfish to work on something for myself while deadlines loom for other projects. Fortunately a break arrived, and we were able to work it out in the 11:59th hour. Nothing but LOVE to the Mark, Thomas, David, Dan & George for working with me to make this happen! You have no idea how great the editors on these books are, and how much they do for those of us who have the honor of working on them. If you get a chance, please show them some love. They are the unsung heroes of this art form that we love! Because with out them I wouldn’t be able to announce…


– JTC EXCLUSIVE full-color RANCOR MONSTER (WRAPAROUND) Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #73, exclusively at
RANCOR MONSTER (WRAPAROUND) Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #73

RANCOR MONSTER (WRAPAROUND) Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #73


He will be available for Pre-sale on November 7th, 2019.


Like before, we are offering graded books of 9.6 or better from both CGC & CBCS (please be aware that this is a wraparound cover). You get to choose between two exceptional grading services.
The book will be limited to 3,000.
So with that said, here’s the dilly yo.


My guardian angel…


Some of you may ask yourself, “John, what keeps you up at night?” While now it’s an abject fear that geopolitical and social trends might negatively impact my crippling addiction to coffee, and how will Johnny and Daniel co-exist now that Kreese has taken over the Kobra Kai Dojo (THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH BAGGAGE!). But as a kid, nothing terrified me more than THRILLER! Yes, Thriller. The Michael Jackson video TERRIFIED me as a child! When I first watched him transform into that weird werewolf/cat letter jacket wearing monster (a Werecat Letterjack, if you will), I ran out of the room and covered my eyes. But I could not escape the image. That scene of Michael Jackson with the big yellow eyes was seared into my brain! I couldn’t sleep. Every time my parents turned off the lights I just knew he was in my room waiting (here, I could make an obvious joke about what he wanted to do, but in light of everything, I won’t go there; so let’s just say he was waiting to jump out and scare me with a sweet zombie dance routine [cool? cool]). After a couple of nights, it was becoming a problem. My Wicket stuffed animal just couldn’t stop him (heck, in retrospect, I bet those little fuzzy carnivores would probably be on his side… in the trying to eat me department, not the… writing this out really shows how weird this story has got over the years). I needed something awesome, something that could out monster the monster. So I went straight to the top. I went for the biggest, baddest creature in my room. I went for the Rancor. Yes, he was cold, and hard, spiky and sharp; but that night, I slept like an angel. So let that be a lesson, if you are afraid of a Werecat Letterjack Zombie Dancing Michael Jackson, just snuggle up to the one monster who will always have your back. The mother flippin’ RANCOR!


So, How Does the Pre-sale Work for New and Existing Customers?
– Sale starts at 6PM EST on Thursday, November 7, 2019.
– You are welcome to order as many RANCOR books as you want (while supplies last).
– Books have arrived, so we will be able to start sending out once the pre-sale closes.
– Graded books will be shipped separately. Please see our FAQ page regarding graded book procedures.
– Orders will begin to ship on Thursday, November 21, 2019. We are still a small team and require more time than the average store to ship out hundreds of orders, so we thank you for your patience and understanding.
– Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.
– If you have not received tracking by December 2nd, please send an email to
– As before, we tweaked our policy for international orders containing BOTH graded and raw book. Please see our **UPDATES to International Shipping!!! on the FAQ page. This will not effect orders containing only raw books or only graded books.
– Any other questions can most likely be answered on our FAQ page. If not, send us a quick email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.


Returning customers are still guaranteed a copy in the first 24 hrs!
Since scheduling will permit it, we are able to offer returning customers a guaranteed copy of the book, whether we are sold out or not, if you place your order in the first 24 hours. As always, we want to take care of you guys!
If you are new to my store, your purchase this time around during the Pre-sale will make you eligible for all future guarantees.


Here are the important details!


Presale: 6PM EST, Thursday, November 7th, 2019


JTC EXCLUSIVE | Rancor (Wraparound) Action Figure full-color variant edition


JTC EXCLUSIVE | Rancor (Wraparound) Action Figure full-color variant edition, signature series graded version (CGC grade 9.6 or higher guaranteed)


JTC EXCLUSIVE | Rancor (Wraparound) Action Figure full-color variant edition, signature series graded version (CBCS grade 9.6 or higher guaranteed)

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