When will my order ship?
Our shipment of books arrive to us on the same day of the book’s release date. Because of this, we are not able to start shipping immediately. Due to the expectation of a quick turn around time, please allow us sufficient time to bag and board and properly prepare your order for shipment. Our goal is to get your books to you as quickly as possible, yet packaged carefully to ensure the books arrive safely. You will receive an email with your tracking # once your order ships.

Please keep in mind that changes or additions to your order may cause a delay in shipping. Please be sure to add personal requests to your order.

What are your shipping options?

When you are choosing your shipping method, please keep in mind that if you have a small mailbox, and your pleasant mail person has a tendency to take out their frustration on your package by trying to fold and shove and possibly even stomp on your package to make it fit, you may want to consider having your order delivered to your work, or a different location?

There are 2 shipping options, please see below:

Domestic – When you are ready to checkout, you will be given the option to choose between Economy Mail and Priority Mail. When choosing Economy Mail, please be advised that it may take longer for you to receive your order once it is shipped. The shipping time on Economy Mail varies. If you like a lower cost and have the patience for snail mail then this is the right option for you! For all Priority Mail orders, once your order is shipped, please allow 2 – 3 days for delivery.

International – When you are ready to checkout, you will be given the option to choose between First Class Mail and Priority Mail. Shipping time will vary with First Class shipments. Once your Priority Mail order ships, please allow 6-10 days for its delivery.

**UPDATES to International Shipping!!! We have learned a lot in regards to shipping international orders that contain a GRADED book, and we would like to share some shipping updates with you. If you have placed an order that contains a graded book along with regular books, we will hold your order until your graded books are ready so that we can ship your order at one time. This helps keep the shipping cost down for you. We realize that this means you have to wait longer for your order to arrive, so IF you do not want to go this route, we are more than happy to split ship your order. In doing so, we would need to send you a separate invoice for the balance to ship your graded books. Please send your split shipping request to info@johntylerchristopher.com and we will take care of you. Thank you!

Customs – We cannot accommodate requests to declare a lesser value on your customs form.

What does my shipping rate include?
Your shipping rate is determined by the following:
– Competitive shipping cost
– Handling charge
– Insurance (Offered only for Priority Mail, and for all international orders, however not for Domestic First Class/Economy)
– Packaging material for added safety

How are the orders prepared for shipment?
Our goal is to get your books to you as quickly as possible, yet packaged carefully and with love to provide a speedy and damage free delivery.

We bag and board all comics, and carefully protect them with cardboard on both sides. We even go the extra step and secure it in a bubble wrap sleeve. There will be additional padding as needed to ensure minimal to no movement occurs while it makes it’s journey home to you!

Pre-Pre Sales
All previous customers are guaranteed 1 copy of each Action Figure Variant book (new release), if ordered within the first 24 hours of the sale. Email invitations are sent to previous customers with all the details.

Combining Orders and Shipping Credits

Whenever we have a sale with more than one book, we will do our best to merge all orders and offer a shipping credit if the refund is greater than $4.99. These shipping credits typically occur once all the orders have been processed and shipped. Please see more information below. If you are new to my store, your purchase this time around during the public sale will make you eligible for all future guarantees.

Shipping Credit
Please allow up to 60 days for your shipping credit to be applied. Our first priority is to get your orders processed and in your hands quickly. Once all orders have been shipped, we will begin applying shipping credits.

Condition of books
All of JTC’s limited edition books are first printing unless otherwise stated. All books are brand new, hand selected and are sent out in the condition we receive them. We do our best to pick the best quality book for you however we are at the mercy of the printing company, and in the end we cannot guarantee a perfect book every time. If you are in the market for a mint or near mint condition book, may we suggest you order a graded copy to ensure at least a minimum grade of 9.6 or greater ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Graded Books
We will be offering a signature series grading service on select books through CGC and CBCS. We guarantee a quality of 9.6 or better. Your graded books will ship separately from the rest of your order (unless you have an international order with raw books.) Please allow additional time for this service to be processed. (This process can take 45-60 days from time of actual release date.) All Graded book sales are FINAL.

Due to the limited edition nature of the books, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Signature Requests and Personalization’s
JTC is more than happy to sign your book, free of charge. Please be sure to place your signature request in the comment section BEFORE you check out. We will try our best to address any signature requests sent via email, or social media, however we cannot always guarantee the request, unfortunately some of those may fall through the cracks .