This is where you will find up to date information on the status of upcoming sales, status of current orders, etc.
Updated 9/9/2021
We realize that the orders have taken a lot longer to process than we expected due to several factors including a COIVD scare. We are very sorry about that. We are trying to keep you all 'in the know' via social media as we are able to make better assessments of our current standings.
Our shipping process occurs in small and manageable batches. Unfortunately we are unable to get everyone's orders out at the same time. Some of your friends may get their order before you do, or you may only have received a partial order. But do not fret! It will get to you.
Right now we have shipped out about 80% of orders, and fingers crossed the rest will go out by this weekend. We have been faced with many challenges, one being the post office has run out of our basic needs. They plumb ran out of envelopes. So we are working on it!
Thanks so much for being there and understanding that we will always be a small business run with a large heart. We appreciate each and every one of you.